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Natural Woman Alchemy

Oct 23, 2021

I invite you to join the wonderful Goddess & Rose Priestess Marin Bach-Antonson to dive into the depth of your heart, into your endless ocean of remembering, and experience a healing transmission that will change your life if you're opene to receive Marin's powerful words.


  • what is a priestess
  • what is ceremony and how ceremony can change our way of being
  • what is the sister wound
  • how does th SW manifest
  • where does it have its origin
  • how we can heal from this program 
  • how to stop the cycle of shame and blame when we find ourselves competing, comparing, and feeling hostile toward other women 
  • why women gossip and the energetics of gossiping
  • how to set ourselves free from the need to gossip
  • why the word sister is so healing and empowering 
  • why women trigger each other when they form closer relationships
  • the opportunity we find in the dark 
  • how to transmute and transform sister wounds

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